3rd Party Logistics

Using 3PL solutions will enable a hassle-free transition. Swift PRO will ensure that your 3PL services support a smooth and quick supply chain.

We ensure that our services meet the requirements and demands of various sectors, businesses, and industries.

Our sophisticated IT system provided end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain and gave access to detailed real-time information. 

Swift PRO provides excellent logistics services to the clients and our customer staff is available 24/7 to provide solution and quotes about your questions.

3PL services

Swift PRO is an expert in 3PL services, and our logistic services fall into the following areas.


Ordering and receiving goods from somewhere in the supply chain.

Order Fulfilment

Receiving orders from customers, picking, packing, and arranging order completion and its delivery.


Providing temporary space for goods in the warehouse and some other similar locations.


arranging of consolidation, deconsolidation, management, and transportation of goods. 

How 3PL can help your brand to grow

With Swift PRO logistic specialists, we provide both retail and wholesale sectors as we take responsibility to fulfill your orders on behalf of a diverse customer base. We will fulfill and deliver your B2B and B2C operations efficiently and quickly. 

What benefits will you get with 3rd party logistics?

Drive cost savings

3rd party logistics specialists are experienced in logistics and have a more expanded network than your supply chain department.

3PL firm specialists have exclusive relationships within the logistic sector and can negotiate well and offer greater discounts to clients. 

You can save huge money on infrastructure investment as 3PL management will provide warehouse storage, transportation, staff, tracking technology, and others.

Improved customer satisfaction

With third-party logistics, businesses will get improved services and response time.

A 3rdparty logistics company will take responsibility for timely deliveries and greater brand reliability.

It further leads to satisfied customers that is the goal of all businesses. 

Increase business growth and market expansion

The third-party logistics company increases business growth by giving businesses access to a market where they don’t have an established place.

Businesses can grow well without spending money on warehousing, labor, and equipment.

Get flexibility and scalability

Another advantage of 3rd party logistics services is the flexibility and scalability to use supply and distribution resources based on current business needs. 

3PL procurement services

Swift PRO also provides the following services on behalf of procurement and receiving services.

  • Manage inventory on behalf of the customer
  • Update when stock levels go down and inform suppliers and manufacturers
  • Transport arrangement for goods from manufacturer or supplier to 3PL warehouse.
  • Receive the goods into the 3PL warehouse and manage stock until customers order those goods.

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