International Cargo Services Dubai

Some cargos need special handling and care, whether it’s a weight, size, or combination of other factors. we provide international cargo services Dubai.

For special handling and attention, our expert team is providing special cargo services for your valued items.

Swift PRO has a rich history and experience in dealing with all kinds of international cargo services Dubai.


Our worldwide team of specialists has complete handling knowledge and skills to ensure your cargo safely and securely reaches its destination. It makes us design point-to-point and customized integrated solutions to ensure your peace of mind for valuable shipments.

Swift PRO special cargo services include:

Efficient door-to-door service

We have an expansive transport network to provide complete in-house special cargo services from the loading point to the final point. We have a combination of rail, road, warehouse, and other factors to handle special cargo services at each step. Getting Swift PRO services means no extra bookings, no third parties, and no headaches.

Handling with care

We have a trained staff team to handle the special cargo material with care. Our team has extensive knowledge to deal with all kinds of special cargo services, whether heavy machinery or live animals. We ensure safe and secure shipment to its destination to provide the best services.

A fleet fit for extraordinary

Our special cargo fleet features include extendable flatbeds, low loaders, concrete carriers, semi-low loaders, extendable trailers, mega trailers, and standard trailers. Equipped with modern equipment vehicles, our specially trained service team is always available to provide you with local market how-know and customized solutions.

Best Special Cargo Services

We guarantee the best special cargo services with experienced staff to understand how to handle the shipment from construction material to heavy machinery, forest products, and green energy. Our support team is available to provide quotes and solutions

Swift PRO is ready to handle your special cargo needs:


Special cargo plays a vital role in the construction industry to transfer heavy construction material as quickly as possible.

Wet weight:

The items must be delivered in waterproof containers such as liquids and meat and seafood packed in ice

High-value cargo:

That requires high-security service.


All pharmaceuticals products and other medical supplies.


Machinery differs from industry to industry, but special cargo service is always needed no matter what material the machinery is made of. Swift PRO special cargo services ensure shipment of heavy machinery with speed and security.

Perishable items:

The items that need to be delivered quickly and need protection against adverse changes in humidity and temperature, such as fresh and frozen foods, flowers, live plants, etc

Dangerous goods:

the goods that require special handling and outlined in “Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).”

Live animals:

Shipment of live animals by following strict rules set in  IATA Resolution 620. Live animals include mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians.

Safe And Secure Cargo 

Our worldwide team of specialists has complete handling knowledge and skills to ensure your cargo safely and securely reaches its destination.

Whether you have to send oversized machines, large factory components, vehicles, yachts, or any type of construction equipment.

Swift PRO is available with the right people and expertise to provide the best services to the clients.

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