Sea freight service is the most economical way of transporting goods internationally. Majority of cargo is shipped through sea and mostly in container ships, although Sea Freight is not the fastest but undoubtedly the most cost effective shipping method.

We collaborate closely with you to develop your own approach to sea freight and thereby create the best possible solution while optimizing freight cost. Our close relationships, ties and contracts with world’s leading shipping companies and agents across the world, our comprehensive knowledge of global markets and our digital tools ensures the unerring transport of your shipments globally.

Economical shipment with LCL

International shipment by air is expensive rather than by sea. However, we make sure that your shipment even smaller reaches its destination by LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment.

We are specialized in sea freight services, and we will consolidate your consignment with other shippers and then send the cargo with our first-class shipping lines economically.

You have the option to send your delivery door-to-door or door-to-port (collected by you). No matter which option you choose, we have the best solution for your shipment.

International sea freight

Internation sea freight is an ideal option if time is not an issue and you have to send bulky or heavyweight items overseas cost-effectively.

Sometimes, heavy items are expensive to send by air freight, so sea freight is a good choice for heavyweight items.

If you have no urgency to send your shipment to its destination, choose sea freight because it will save a lot of money.

Full Container Load (FCL) sea shipment

If you have a large shipment, a full container for your sea shipment will be a perfect option whether you are an individual or a large business.

At Swift PRO, we will select the most appropriate sized container for your shipment, and we can arrange onward loading and freight to the port or your chosen destination. If you prefer, we will make customs clearance and then send then deliver it to your door.

Whether you are a large business and sending a large volume of goods or relocating abroad, our FCL sea shipping service is best for you.


A Low-cost shipping solution

Sea freight is an economical choice to send a large volume of goods internationally. Choose our services if your deliveries are not time-sensitive.

To get the best experience of sea freight services:

Plan Ahead

Sea freight takes much longer than air freight, so making an advance booking for your desired delivery date is better. Our specialized sea freight team will give you an estimated transit duration depending on the shipment and routes. 

Think Big

According to the rule of thumb, large volume shipment means lower delivery prices when sending goods internationally. It especially works in the case of sea freight.

Protect your goods in transit

With international shipment, ensure that your goods are safe and secure in transit. As transit is longer for sea freight, it is essential to pack your goods properly to keep your valuable and fragile goods safe.

Beast Mean To Transport Personal Goods

Individual customers and small businesses do not opt for sea freight as their first priority because it is associated with larger companies that have to export a high volume of commercial cargo.

But sea freight services are great for transporting personal goods as air freight has so many limitations in terms of sending goods.

At Swift PRO, we will manage your international sea freight shipment. The cost will be according to the size of the shipment.

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