Shipping Container Specifications

The most popular shipping method all over the world is the popular 20 foot long shipping container (20′ container). Shipping containers are the most efficient means of transport all over the world as they are designed to seamlessly transport between trucks, trailers, port handling equipment, shipping vessels and railheads. They exist is many variations to transport different size and shaped cargo.

ULD – Unit Load Device Air Container Specifications

Unit Load Devices are specially designed cargo pallets and containers that are used to load freight, luggage and mail onto aircraft. These devices allow large quantities of cargo to be bundle and strapped together securely onto 1 mobile unit, so they can be safely and securely transported.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is responsible for publishing regulations around the use of Unit Load Devices. They can also be referred to as a ‘cargo pallet’ or a ‘PMC pallet’.