For a smooth fulfilment solution, combining order processing with distribution services is best for your supply chain.

Swift PRO can manage all product deliveries through Full Truck Load (FTL), (LTL) Less than a Truckload, or single parcels to suit requirements, whether its wholesalers, DCs, shop, or end-consumer.

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Introduction of distribution services

Full Truck Loads (FTL)

Full truckloads (FTL) are a good option when the shipment is large enough to use the entire truck. It reduces delivery time as you don’t have to wait to fill up the entire truck. It also reduces transit times by direct deliveries to the final destination. 

Less than Truckloads (LTL)

Businesses with small shipments can also take advantage of distribution services as they don’t have to bear the cost of buying an entire truck. With LTL, companies can send small shipments to reduce handling costs and risk any damage. 

You will get peace of mind with Swift PRO distribution services.

Yes, it is right. Businesses have a lot of tension about parcel deliveries whether it reaches to the customers timely. Swift PRO is here to provide you peace of mind with our distribution services.

Our service team actively monitors all the items sent. If anything goes wrong, we will immediately inform you and resolve the issue. Our IT team is always available to handle any technical issues to keep everything running smoothly. 

Parcel Delivery 

When it comes to speed, individualization, and specialization of delivery services, parcel delivery is the most optimal mode of transportation because you can send single parcels anywhere with a parcel delivery service.

The distribution center took several single parcels in parcel delivery service and then sent them to their destination. Parcel delivery is a cost-effective way to send parcels.

For companies looking for complete supply chain solutions, Swift PRO provides distribution services such as picking and packing, managing stock levels, pallet storage, and warehouse storage.

Our supply chain, freight, and especially distribution services are second to none. Our large fleet of vehicles allows companies to leave the logistic complexity to us, and you focus on core business activities. 

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