If your priority is shipping goods with great speed and reliability, air freight is the best option. Shipping by air has many benefits, including express delivery, a high level of security, and extensive global reach.

Airlines have vast destination routes and strict departure schedules several times a day. It means missing a flight will not create a big fuss.

Shipping by air is expensive than land and sea freight, but it provides peace of mind when sending time-sensitive consignments. In businesses, time is money, and meeting customers’ expectations is more important than the high cost of flying cargo.

While land and sea shipment take weeks to arrive, international air freight takes as little as a day to reach its destination.


Our air freight services are designed to ease your burden, and we guarantee offering the best market rates, so you can focus on your core business and leave the logistics to us. Our dedicated logistics teams deliver a wide range of schedules, from direct to be ready for pickup in our warehouse or at one of our depots to door-to-door delivery. With Swift PRO, you have complete visibility over your cargo at every step of the way.

International air express services

Swift PRO offers express air freight service for time-sensitive international consignments. It could be anything from a gift to art or antiques, electronics, or even frozen food shipments in dry ice.

Our express air freight service is excellent for extra peace of mind when you are sure about the safety of your goods. The peace of mind also comes when you know that your shipment is trackable, cleared by customs, and signed for on-time delivery.

Large international consignments

Swift PRO has a wide range of routes and air transportation services. Whether it is a single document or a 500 kg consignment, we have a solution for you.

Our air freight services have two basic options: Air express service and Economy air service. Air express service is best if you have time-sensitive deliveries and want to deliver goods urgently. The air freight economy service is suitable for large and bulk items that are less urgent.

Airfreight services with optional collection

We also offer an option collection airfreight service where we will collect your goods at your door. Our airfreight service with optional collection will collect your goods from the door and ship the items to the desired destination where the receipt will receive the shipment.

International Document delivery

Swift PRO offers its specialized services regarding international shipping of urgent documents. Swift PRO will safely and timely deliver your documents on destination.

It could be legal documents, critical tender documents, or simply some promotional material; we will deliver it securely.

Our air freight service for international document delivery is ideal for all time-sensitive documents.

Airport-to-Airport air freight services

Swift PRO has airport-to-airport services where you can drop off your goods yourself or arrange a separate company to drop off your goods.

Ensure all the necessary documentation when you drop your goods at the depot.

Once the goods reach the destination, the consignee will be responsible for clearing goods through customs. 

Benefits of air freight services

We handle imports and exports and have a dedicated network of air and ground transport services. The benefits of Swift PRO services include:

  • Door-to-door service with pick up from your home or office for maximum convenience.
  • Highly competitive rates
  • The easy and quick booking process
  • Availability of some fastest transit time depending on the size of goods
  • Online booking facility with 24/7 service to provide instant quote and booking details
  • Online tracking of your shipment

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