Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is an essential process for all the goods entering and leaving the country. It requires various import and export document submissions, payment of duties, any additional cost like storage or testing, and VAT.

Customs clearance is completed in a few minutes or hours, but it can take days or weeks if there is missing documentation or products require testing. In that case, the goods will stay on hold until all necessary documentation is provided or agents check the goods.

Reasons to choose our customs clearance services

Whether you are an individual or a business, professional customs clearance services will help you smoothly run the export and import business. Here are some reasons to convince why you should go for Swift PRO customs clearance services.

Skills for facilitating customs clearance

Getting professional customs clearance services helps you ensure safe border crossing and make your shipments reach the destination. They have the right stuff to present at the customs clearance point to safely pass your shipment irrespective of entry port.

Suitable identification of goods

Customs agents are well aware of duties and obligations required on products when they enter a country. Every item has a specific order number, and they are separated by their categories for right and simple identification to obtain customs duty.

Help reduce unnecessary expenses.

Rules and regulations at borders change frequently. Customs agents are experts in the prerequisites of each kind of product. In this way, they keep you away from expensive deferrals, stock reallocation, fines, and different penalties.

Speed up the custom process

When things are done properly for the first time, releasing your goods from customs takes less time. Professional customs agents know all the necessary documentation, rules, and regulation that helps speed up the customs process to save your time.

Convenient paperwork

It is not required to get any customs agent services for customs clearance; many businesses like to get this service. Professional customs clearance experts take all the responsibility to do the paperwork required by the customs law. In this way, businesses don’t have to bother about paperwork.

Customs Clearance services at Swift PRO include:

Export Customs Clearance:

It is a government requirement to get permission to load an outbound shipment. It is for those exporters who are shipping goods outside of their trade zone.

Import custom clearance:

It is a government requirement to get a release of inbound cargo. It includes clearing goods at customs territories and borders.

Customs Transit Documentation:

It requires customs clearance formalities to fulfill at the destination point rather than entry into customs territory. 

Customs Clearance Process

Customs clearance is a complicated process and can result in delays or fines if not carried out correctly.

At Swift PRO, our experts know this process well and are available to assist in all ways if your goods need customs clearance.

Whatever your destination and country are, we will make the customs clearance process easy and uncomplicated.

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